“How well would each of Les Amis tell lies?”


Enjolras: Will lie to your face about the big things like a stone cold killer. “Trust me, nothing bad will happen.” *four hours later in a jail cell* “You knew this was gonna happen didn’t you?” “…Yes.”  Doesn’t bother lying about the small things because he’s terrible at it. “Enjolras, did you forget to buy the milk.” “…Yes.” 

Combeferre: When cornered, his ears turn really really really red. Therefore his lie of choice is the lie of omission.

Courfeyrac: Smoothest liar of them all. Trust nothing that comes out of his mouth. “Would I lead you astray?” The answer is YES. Always YES.

Feuilly: Can’t lie to save his life. If your plan relies on Feuilly telling a lie, you are all dead. 

Jehan: Would be an excellent liar. Chooses not to.

Joly: Terrible at lying. Except when it’s a white lie. Thinks your outfit is awful? Will tell you its the prettiest thing he’s ever seen.

Bossuet: Why bother lying when it’s going to go horribly wrong? People believe him but then a tiny white lie suddenly balloons into a complex web of he-said, she-said and then everyone is screaming and the pizza blew up and why is Grantaire hanging from the ceiling like a monkey?

Bahorel: *Laughs loudly* “But that doesn’t answer my question. Did you or didn’t you lie?” *Laughs louder* 

Grantaire: *stares at you* “All life is a lie.” 


Marius: Is too oblivious to consider lying in every day life, but an amazing bluffer at poker. This confounds and depresses Grantaire immensely. 


clothes I wish I had.

Sabyasachi Couture

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Favorite scene in the brick was probably eponine’s daughter of a wolf speech.
I’m stuck in the office of my moms school, I made use of the children’s markers and ancient white out pens around me.

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Me. Estoy. Congelando. 

Si, otra vez. 

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Hounds of Love | Kate Bush

Now hounds of love are hunting. 
I’ve always been a coward, 
And I don’t know what’s good for me.


Durmstrang G I R L S & Beauxbatons B O Y S

Please welcome our friends from the north, the proud girls of Durmstrang! and the gentlemen of Beauxbatons! [x]

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Harry Potter Housing


Gryffindor: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

Ravenclaw: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Hufflepuff: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

Slytherin: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Kristen McMenamy for W Magazine December 2013 by Tim Walker

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  • Marius: I’m going on revolution business.
  • Courfeyrac: So proud—wait, does he mean out? In the world?
  • Enjolras: We’ll pin our phone number on his shirt.
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